WEGENER International – at the cutting edge

WEGENER International is today one of the world's technology leaders in the fields of plastics welding and test engineering.

Highly qualified employees

48 WEGENER employees in development, production and sales together with competent partners in all important industrial regions ensure that the high technical standard of our products is maintained and perpetuated. The high qualification of our employees is a decisive key for not only maintaining but also developing and improving the technology even further. This is also one of the reasons for WEGENER's excellent reputation with both our national and international customers.


Technical leadership

We ensure our technical leadership through close cooperation between our development and application technology department and the world's leading university and training institutions as well as manufacturers of raw materials and semi-finished products.

The highest quality

Quality is more than just a marketing slogan for us; it's an integral part of our daily actions. Our employees can associate with our products and their quality. What's more, every product is constantly monitored during internal quality checks.

You can rely on our technical centre with its ultramodern equipment to find the ideal solution to your application case. We can produce reference samples or determine the parameters for special materials before you actually place your order.

And we promise that we will continue to offer you only the very latest and most innovative technology in future.

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