Seminar - quality improvement, process optimisation and cost reduction


End of February 2017, WEGENER International GmbH informed about new developments in plastic welding and processing within the scope of a seminar in Budapest, Hungary. The seminar was organised by Röchling Engineering Plastics s.r.o., their agent in Hungary, thyssenkrupp Ferroglobus ZRt, WEGENER International GmbH and their agent in Hungary, Vörsas KFT.

Essential topics were the targets of quality improvement, process optimisation and cost reduction. It was demonstrated how to reach these targets by using high quality plastics, chosing apropriate welding and processing methods, applying precise, reliable and long-lasting equipment and by specific staff trainings.

The interest shown by many participants from Hungary and nearby Romania and the upcoming talks during and after the seminar have proved a risen quality consciousness in the named countries.

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