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Bending and edging welding, also called welding by bending with heated tool, is a mixture of a bending and a heated tool butt welding process. An upper V-shaped heating element is hereby placed on the bending line and then melted into the board or panel thickness. At the same time a second, lower heated tool with a flat surface heats the underside of the boards or panels. At the end of the heating process the boards or panels are folded according to the angle of bevel. The plasticised bonding areas are brought together during the folding process and joined to each other by the resulting welding pressure. DVS Guideline 2207-14 describes the welding by bending process in more detail. This method is ideal to produce bends for rectangular tanks, e.g. for electroplating systems, troughs, air ducts, covers, drums, gas scrubbers and large-volume housings.


Our bending and edging welding machines really come into their own wherever efficient production, high process reliability and reproducible quality are needed. These Wegener machines are also characterised by their tough and long-lasting machine technology, ease of operation as well as an excellent value for money.

Bending machines Overview
Innovative technology

Vacuum clamping device – for the smallest of bending legs

fullautomatic machine concept
Kompaktes Maschinenkonzept

Material thicknesses of between 3 and 30 mm can be bent by 5° to 95° depending on the heated tool.

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