WEGENER welders

One process – numerous fields of application

During butt welding, panels of thermoplastic materials are heated along their edges by a heating sword and bonded together by pressure. The joint cools down under pressure and is extremely low in stress and even. Plastic components that are manufactured in this way are characterised by their great durability and material strength and are used in numerous fields thanks to their outstanding properties, including HVAC engineering, the packaging industry, wastewater engineering, pipe insulation, tank construction, electroplated tank construction, apparatus engineering, right through to the construction industry in the manufacture of protective plates for concrete.

Our butt welding machines show their strength wherever efficient manufacturing, high process reliability and reproducible quality are needed. WEGENER butt welding machines are characterised by their tough and long-lasting machine technology, ease of operation as well as their excellent value for money.

Welding machines Overview
Easy operation

Comfortable control system per touch screen

Innovative technology

Patented mechanical parallel movement

Tough design

Sturdy and tough welded construction

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