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Extrusion Welding


Extrusion Welder with self-contained air supply


  • WEGENER microprocessor control system for air and extrudate temperature, and to control the motor
  • Own air supply in the SC version through a WEGENER brushless Airbox 2,200 W
  • Switch between actual and target value display for air heater and extrudate temperature
  • Cold start protection (start-up protection dependent on time and temperature)
  • Monitoring of the pre-set target temperature of the extrudate heater with motor-stop function if the deviation is too high
  • Easily exchangeable PTFE welding shoe, adjustable front handle
  • The scope of delivery includes a unit stand and a welding shoe of your choice

Range of Application:

Manufacture of reservoirs, tanks and containers, manufacturer of plastic apparatus, pipeline construction, ventilation, automotive, roofing, landfill technology


suitable for welding PVC but also PE, PP, PVDF and other weldable thermoplastic material


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Brochure Extrusion Welders for PVC and Pellets
Spare Parts List
Video Extruder

Technical Data alpha3 SC PVC
Item no. 30284
Power supply: 230 V 1/N/PE 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 3,660 W
Air requirement: self-contained air supply
Heating capacity (air): 2,200 W
Welding capacity (PVC): approx. 2.8 kg/h
Welding capacity (PE): approx. 2.4 kg/h
Welding capacity (PP): approx. 1.7 kg/h
Welding rod diameter:: PE / PP: 3, 4, 5 mm / PVC 3, 4 mm
Weight: 6.9 kg
Dimensions (L x H x W in mm): 530 x 290 x 140

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