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Legal notice

Legal notice

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WEGENER International GmbH
Ernst-Abbe Straße 30
D-52249 Eschweiler
Phone: +49 2403 70484 -0
Fax: +49 2403 70484 -99

Register Court:

HR B 14973


Dipl.-Ing. MBA Bernd Roßkampf
Dipl.-Ing. Michael Dietrich

VAT No.:



Mick Werbung, Wetzlar


Fotostudio Arnolds eK, Aachen

Legal Information


All rights reserved. All text, picture, graphic, sound, video and animation files including their arrangements are subject to copyright and other rights protecting intellectual property right (IPR). They may neither be copied for commercial use or dissemination, nor be modified and used on other websites. Some WEGENER GmbH internet sites also contain material that is subject to the copyright of those who made them available.


The information provided on this Website has been thoroughly revised and is continuously updated. However, it cannot be granted that all information is displayed in complete, correctly and last updated at any time. This especially applies to all connections ("Links") to other Websites referred to either directly or indirectly. Likewise no responsibility for legality of the content provided behind those links is taken over. It can only be granted that up to the time of adding a link to this Website there was no evidence of illegal contents.

Severability Clause

Should one of the before mentioned clauses/regulations be entirely or partially ineffective due to legal clauses, regulations or bill amendment, the respective clause will be effective approaching the intent of the clause/regulation the closest. All other regulations remain unaffected and are still effective to the full extent.