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Sheet Welding Machines

SM x68

The all-rounder - for sheet thickness 3 up to 60 mm


  • Solid machine base as a steel structure with integrated precision working tables in a sandwich design that are adapted to the loads
  • VARIO-clamping system 2. generation for adjusting the distance between the clamping plate and the edge of the table
  • Patented mechanical synchronisation of the working tables; a novelty to achieve a homogeneous application of pressure in the weld seam area
  • Process forces regulated via proportional valve
  • force-sensing system (incl. compensation of the tractive and frictional forces incl. position transducer) optional
  • Siemens S7-1500 with 12" Simatic-Touchscreen
  • Material property data record (parameter) with automatic choice of specific welding pressures, temperature and times
  • 90° welding device (corner welds) incl. servoelectric height-adjustable heating sword and flow control value for the detection of the vaccum buildup and vacuum prisms
  • Adaptable circular drawing device, optional
  • Panels/Sheets up to 60 mm thick can be processed [PE/PP]

Range of Application:

Manufacture of reservoirs, tanks and containers, manufacture of plastic apparatus, pipeline construction, ventilation systems, serial welding, water treatment systems, scrubbers, environmental technology, swimming pools, transport and logistics

patented mechanical, synchronized parallel movement of the working tables

12" Simatic-Touchscreen

Tank construction

Technical Data

SM 368 SM 468 SM 568
Machine Length (mm): 4,950 5,950 7,000
Machine Widht (mm): 1,600 1,600 1,600
Machine Height (mm): 1,350 1,350 1,350
Total Weight approx. (kg): 5,300 5,900 8,400
Maximum Working Width (mm): 3,050 4,050 5,100
Sheet Thickness to be welded (mm):      
PE (0.15 N/mm²): 3 to 60 3 to 60 3 to 60
PP (0.10 N/mm²): 3 to 60 3 to 60 3 to 60
PVDF (0.10 N/mm²): 3 to 60 3 to 60 3 to 60
PVC-C at 8 bar (0.5 N/mm²):  3 to 18 3 to 18 3 to 18
PVC-C at 10 bar (0.5 N/mm²): 3 to 22.5 3 to 22.5 3 to 22.5
PVC-U at 8 bar (0.6 N/mm²):  3 to 15 3 to 15 3 to 15
PVC-U at 10 bar (0.6 N/mm²):  3 to 18.75 3 to 18.75 3 to 18.75
Minimum Channel Cross Section (mm): 300 x 350 300 x 360 330 x 415
Minimum Cylinder Cross Section (mm):  500 500 600
Power Supply: 230/400V
3/N/PE 50/60 Hz
3/N/PE 50/60 Hz
3/N/PE 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption (kW): 6.5 8.5 10.5
Compressed Air Connection (bar): 8 - 10 8 - 10 8 - 10
Clamping Force at 8.0 bar (kN): 64 88 104,5
Clamping Force at 10.0 bar (kN): 80 110 130
Table Force min. (N): 800 900 1,500
Table Force max. at 8.0 bar (kN): 30 40 46
Table Force max. at 10.0 bar (kN): 37.5 50 57.5
Heating Element (B x H in mm)
teflon coated, Tmax = 260 °C:
20 x 80 mm 20 x 80 mm 20 x 80 mm

* When the machine is equipped with height adjustable clamping beam, sizes only valid for lower clamping beam


  • Documentation of the welding data pursuant to DVS including laser printer
  • TPQ system: force-measuring system including position measuring
    system with our TPQ system, additional loads on the machine such as the weight of the panel material being processed can be compensated to ensure that the calculated values are in fact available for processing the panels. The printer to print out the welding reports is standard equipment for this and higher configuration levels.
  • Work table surface from stainless steel friction optimized design
    to allow a reliable fixation of the sheet during welding. Replaces the standard table design with aluminium. Simplifies the production of round cylinders.
  • Production data acquisition interface (Epson ESC-Emulation)
    welding data and texts entered by the operator are sent to an external computer (not included) after every welding process.
  • USB interface to document the welding data on a USB stick
  • Storage option for product-specific parameter sets
    this allows the welding machine's rigging and set-up times to be minimised when changing between individual products and rules out possible sources of errors.
  • Enter customised parameter sets* in the machine's database
    customised or special materials can also be processed on the basis of the parameters provided by the customer after the material, panel thickness and length have been entered.
  • Welding zone illumination
    easily removable strip light with LED technology to illuminate the welding zone between the clamping beams.
  • Height adjustment of the heating element (infinitely variable)
    speed and motion optimized servo-electric heating element drive; needed for the later fitting of a 90° welding device.
  • One- or two-sided sheet lifting device
    for easier removal of the welded panel by raising on one or two sides.
  • Remote control (with cable)
    with the following functions: Clamp left/right, set-up mode on/off, weld start/stop and prolong/abort the times.
  • Splitting of clamping area into two or more parts
    for the simultaneous production of two adjacent welds.
  • Infinitely variable clamping force
  • Extension arms with ball bearings
  • Signal horn
    acoustic signal at the end of the welding process.
  • 90°-welding device
    including heating element height adjustment, flow control valve for the detection of the vacuum buildup and vacuum prisms to hold the vertical panel/board.
  • Height adjustable clamping beams 2-position
    for hollow sheets processing (e.g. Paneltim, Röchling, Simona, etc.) under consideration of the maximum table forces.
  • High-temperature contact heating sword
  • LAN- or GSM-based remote maintenance module


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