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Product Specific


Flatfoam Welder


  • Automated machine for full-area welding of dimensionally stable plastic foams such as insulating panels for flat roof insulation
  • Insulating panel thicknesses that cannot be manufactured with a normal extrusion process are now possible
  • Two panels are welded all-over on one plane with a defined offset. This avoids the formation of thermal bridges at joints during later processing of the insulating panels thanks to a corresponding offset in the butt joint
  • Radiation or contact heating depending on the material to be processed
  • User concept with Siemens PLC and touch screen user interface
  • Machine can be adapted to customer wishes
  • Sturdy, welded machine body adapted to the relevant stresses

Range of Application:

Production of insulating panels


We can of course adapt this machine to your individual needs! Contact us now!

Technical Data:

To be determined after clarification of all technical details in accordance to customer demands.

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