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Product Specific


Linear Welding System


  • modular, automatic extrusion welding concept for the rational production of large rectangular tanks.
  • Process head with patented pneumatic 2-axis balancing system to hold the extruder and compensate position tolerances of the weld seam
  • Plug-in rail element system with rails of different lengths to fabricate the desired tank sizes
  • Rail elements with vacuum suction system for a safe hold on all smooth surfaces (plastic panel, hall floor)
  • Suitable to produce V-seams and fillet welds
  • adjustable feed rate of the process head
  • Limit stop on rail system to end the welding process at the end of the seam

Range of Application:

Production of rectangular tank construction


We can of course adapt this machine to your individual needs! Contact us now!

Technical Data:

Seam length: 0 to 13,000 mm
Extruder output capacity: 2.5 kg/h (PE)
Welding speed: 0.1 to 1.6 m/min adjustable) depending on seam volume
Rail length: 0.5 m to 4 m welding unit 2 m
Weight approx.: 70 kg
Fine angle adjustment of extruder (before welding)
Lateral tracking for extruder during welding

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