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Application consulting

Application support

As a leading supplier in the field of plastic welding technology, our outstanding development competence paired with a wealth of experience, innovative strength and continuous research activities means that we can provide competent advice on a number of questions related to plastic welding and processing technology.

We see ourselves as a reliable partner for our customers and work out the best solution to their problem in a mutual dialogue. Since we have our own technical centre and test laboratory, our specialists can check the feasibility of solutions for plastic processing technology quickly and reliably. This allows us to back up our design suggestions with reference samples and to identify and avoid process risks at an early stage in the proceedings.

Our testing and inspection machinery covers a large number of different plastic processing machines. Special laboratory welding systems, equipped with the appropriate sensor systems, are used to identify parameters and for feasibility studies and can be operated with various heating methods (contact heating sword, HT heating sword or IR radiators). Our machinery is rounded off by extruder performance test benches and a correspondingly complete hot gas welding device.

We would be more than happy to help you with your project!